About Grace

Did you know that our name was inspired by a real person named Grace? When the founder and CEO of Grace Counseling started this business, she named it after her Grandmother because of the overwhelmingly positive influence she had over so many people’s lives. The qualities that make Grace Counseling so effective come from the personality and qualities of her. So as you get to know us, you’re really getting to know the heart of Grace Thomas.

Grace was an advocate.

Grace was notorious for always putting others before herself. Whatever someone needed from her big or small, she always came through for those around her. We could create an entire website with page after page of stories for the things she’s done. There was nothing you could do to inconvenience her if you needed something, no matter how small. She lived with such reckless abandon that she figuratively and literally saved people’s lives.

Grace believed in people.

Though the world around us is often cold and menacing, Grace believed in the people around her. This wasn’t limited to some sort of vague or blind support. But she saw the potential in people, of what they could be, and she would fiercely advocate for those people to become whatever it is that they wanted to become. She also never spoke ill of anyone, she was truly a beacon of positivity.

Grace was a giver.

When thinking about the type of person Grace Thomas was and how she gave those around her, her granddaughter Cheryl always thought of the book ‘The Giving Tree’. She, like the tree in the book, would give and give and give without any hesitation. Nothing could be done to stop her from showing the love she had for everyone around her.

Her Legacy

Because of the wonderful life that Grace Thomas lived, we crafted our mission after the way that she lived her life. Just like Grace, in whatever we do, we want to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and on our community. Her legacy lives in Grace Counseling. From developing a free Alumni Program to the care we put into all of our services, every decision we make is influenced by her legacy.

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