5 Topics That Come Up in Therapy

When first deciding to talk to a therapist, a lot of people are deterred by the idea that they will be sharing personal details with a total stranger. It’s helpful to remember that they are professionals, trained to listen respectfully and work with you towards insights about your life. With a little preparation of what topics may come up, it becomes much less intimidating, and you can relax knowing what to expect.
5 Topics That Come Up in Therapy

Your Kids

Even if you’re relatively young, many therapists get to know you by asking about your family. An easy way of getting into this is something most people talk a lot about anyway – their children. Whether or not you want children, if you don’t have them, is also a way therapists get to know their clients.

Your Relationship

Whether you’ve been dating the same person for 8 years or have never been in a relationship that lasted longer than a few weeks, talking about current, and eventually past, relationships can be a big part of therapy. How you interact with people in a romantic context says a lot about you as a person, and what issues you’re dealing with.

Your Goals

Most therapists will start out the first session by asking you why you’re there. Whether you are doing it to appease someone in your life, because you think you have a particular problem, or because you just don’t feel satisfied with the place you’re at, that info is very important to your therapist. They want to know how they can best serve your needs.

Your Good Days and Bad Days

Everyone has ups and downs, but those levels are different for each person. One thing you’ll spend a lot of time talking about is what in your life makes you happy and fulfilled, and what makes you anxious and frustrated. Talking about what your ideal life would look like is an important way for a therapist to help you figure out the way forward from where you are now.

Your Questions

Although many therapists will answer your questions about yourself with more questions, having a person to bounce ideas off of is an invaluable resource. No matter what you’re wondering about how you see yourself, your therapist is there to provide a nonjudgmental third party opinion, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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