Cigarette Smoking Increases Risk for Marijuana Addiction

Most teenagers start smoking cigarettes because they want to fit in with their friends. Only a small percentage start smoking because of actual problems. After smoking cigarettes for a while, it has become a habit for them. They don’t find much joy in smoking cigarettes yet they continue to do it because they got used to it. While in High School most teenagers are under pressure of their friends to try marijuana. Those who already smoke cigarettes will most likely try marijuana as their friends might describe it to them as the same thing, but a little bit better.
Cigarette Smoking Increases Risk for Marijuana Addiction

Those who try marijuana with their friends are probably going to do it again, as high school teenagers have parties where they gather around and smoke marijuana. Now, the teenager that was once a cigarette smoker is addicted to marijuana, but this doesn’t mean that he will stop smoking cigarettes, he will continue smoking cigarettes, but he won’t find the same joy in them as he finds in marijuana. Those who don’t smoke cigarettes are also likely to try marijuana depending on their environment, for example second-hand smokers might be influenced by the comforting smell of marijuana and thus try marijuana.

While marijuana is by some considered a very dangerous drug, medically it is of various benefits to the health and immune system of humans, but if overused, it can lead to a handful of problems with the brain ultimately resulting in damaged cells and memory loss. Marijuana addiction is one of the widespread addictions out there, most argue that it is not dangerous like alcohol, being legal in a few countries, people smoke marijuana on a regular basis, as it helps them relax and zone out.

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