Coping With a Breakup

The song is true — breaking up IS hard to do. If you were dating for two weeks or two years, you will still feel the pain. Situations leading to the end of a relationship vary from couple to couple, but we all can feel a similar heart ache. Here are five ways to cope with a break up:
Coping With a Breakup

1. Write

Don’t let your thoughts or feelings consume you. Release them by writing them down in a journal. A break up is bound to hurt, you do not have to pretend these feelings do not exist!

2. Be Active

Get outside and go for a run! Go take a nice walk by the beach. Lower your stress levels by getting your endorphins pumping. Your body will thank you!

3. Eat Right

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet post-breakup. Don’t limit your food intake, or overindulge in ice cream and chocolate. Eating healthy is a mood booster and a body booster!

4. Talk it Out

Don’t hold it all inside! Talk to a friend, parent, relative, or professional. You are not the first person going through a break up, and will not be the last. Your system of support knows you best, don’t hesitate to utilize them!

5. Treat Others

Giving back is a wonderful feeling. Keep track of daily random acts of kindness you perform. It is hard not to smile when you are responsible for the smile on someone else’s face!

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