What is a Happiness Machine?

“How can you be happy in life?” This is a question that Coca-Cola has tackled in its campaigns to bring happiness around the world through the Coca-Cola happiness machines. Each machine is a little different, but they dispense bottles of the beverage (sometimes multiple bottles) depending on the completion of certain challenges. So what are these challenges and what can they teach us about how to find happiness?
What is a Happiness Machine

1. Everyday Doses of Happiness

It’s all about the simple things in life. These machines dispense balloon animals, pizza pies, twenty bottles of Coca-Cola at once, or flowers. No matter how stressful a day you have had, allow yourself to be touched by these bright moments and share the happiness with others.

2. Understanding

The nations of India and Pakistan have long had barriers that prevented cultural understanding and exchange to cross their borders. These machines, one placed in India and the other in Pakistan, served as virtual doors into the two countries and allowed for people to interact with each other and work as a team to perform certain tasks. The two people, standing in front of the same machine in two different countries, may be asked to work together to draw a smiley face or participate in a dance showdown. What is important here is actually the unimportance of such territorial boundaries in understanding another person, and the simplicity of finding happiness through these simple interactions.

3. Friendship


These Coca-Cola machines will give out two bottles per purchase but the catch is that it requires the height of two people combined in order to insert the money. This ode to friendship and teamwork encourages people to give each other a boost (literally), whether they are friends or strangers.

4. The Environment Matters


“Recycle Happiness Machine” is what Coca-Cola dubbed their experiment in Singapore. Simply by recycling a bottle and inserting it into the machine, people can get flowers, pins, and even hugs in return. Protecting our environment and doing these good deeds everyday can be effective in increasing our own morale and self-awareness.

5. The Magic of Spontaneity


A Coca-Cola Happiness Machine that was placed in Buenos Aires, Argentina helped locals to celebrate the magic of the holiday season with a little surprise. They were invited to actually step into the machine and be transported to a winter wonderland, complete with a Santa, falling snowflakes, and a Coca-Cola conveyor belt. Don’t be afraid to embrace the spontaneous, because it is out of these special, unplanned moments where the magic happens.

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