How to Help Your Loved One’s Mental Illness

Mental illness can be difficult to live with, especially when it affects a loved one. Regardless of the severity or type of mental illness, the support of loved ones is imperative. Here are five tips on how to help your loved one’s mental illness:
How to Help Your Loved One’s Mental Illness

Be Informed

Learn as much as you can about the disorder. Be able to recognize and understand all the aspects of what he or she is living with. Many disorders are complex and include an array of behaviors. With a better understanding, you will be able to better help your loved one.


Talk to your loved one. In certain cases, he or she may not recognize a problem. In other cases, they may recognize that they need help, but will not ask for it. Engage in non-judgmental, supportive conversation. Be a good listener, and let them know that you are there for them.

Seek Help For Them

In many instances, your loved one’s mental illness may be too much for you to handle on your own. Research psychiatric care would be best suited to treat his or her specific mental disorder. Help your loved one find, and get to a professional that provide proper treatment.

Be Involved

Treatment can oftentimes be as complex as the disorder. Work closely with those who are treating your loved one. Find out what the treatment plan and goals are, and how you would be able to assist in the process.

Seek Help For You

Living with a loved one with a mental illness can take a toll on you. Do not be afraid to seek therapy! Talk about the feelings you have regarding the situation with a professional. Group therapy sessions may also be beneficial, providing support from others in similar situations. Always remember, you are not alone, and treatment is out there! Do not be afraid to seek help, and ask questions.

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