Impact of social media on adolescents

We are living in a generation of texting and social networking. The presence of social media in daily life has both positive and negative effects on adolescents. Monitoring and moderation are key in ensuring your adolescent is using social media in a healthy way!
Impact of social media on adolescents


Social media makes it extremely easy to keep in touch. Communication is made easy through the use of sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Adolescents can easily stay connected with their family and friends, sharing thoughts, stories, and pictures.


Social media can be damaging when socialization goes too far. Cyberbullying is the use of digital communication to share embarrassing or false information about someone else. The digital age has brought bullying out of the schoolyards and into the home. Cyberbullying can lead to tragic outcomes such as depression, isolation, and suicide.

Enhanced Learning

The instantaneous access to information via social media can stimulate adolescents’ interest in learning. In being able to research topics of interest, they can also connect with others, learning different viewpoints and fostering new ideas. Social media also makes it easy to exchange class notes, prepare for projects, or catch up on homework!


Sexting refers to the act of digitally exchanging sexually explicit messages. Many studies have been conducted, revealing an alarming number of young adults who have sent nude or semi-nude photography electronically. What is even more alarming is the number of times these photographs have been forwarded to somebody else.


The Internet allows for many creative outlets. Adolescents can use sites to create blogs, videos, and podcasts. Social media is a great way to share sound clips of musical talents, or video clips of dance skills. Creativity can be inspired by watching others.

If your adolescent is experiencing problems relating to social media, contact Grace Counseling Center. We have groups on the topic specifically for this age group.

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