Is Therapy Right For You?

Given the stigma therapy often has in our society, it can be difficult to imagine trying it out. Is it really what you need? In fact, there are lots of reasons people go to therapy, many of which don’t instantly come to mind at the word “therapist.” Below, we outline some of the 5 biggest reasons people try therapy.
Is Therapy Right For You

Problems at work

When things go wrong at work, it can feel like there’s no one to talk to. You don’t want to step on any toes, but at the same time you know something isn’t right. Whether it’s problems talking to your boss, working on a team with a coworker, or just getting your job done in the time you have, therapy can help. It probably won’t surprise you, but working on your career can often have a great impact on the rest of your life, too.

Problems at home

What do you do when your personal life takes a nosedive? You could eat a pint of ice cream and listen to some Adele…or you could talk to a therapist. A fight with friends or a spouse, or even your kids, can seem overwhelming. Who do you talk to when the people closest to you are the ones you’re having a problem with? Situations like these are exactly the time to talk to an outside source.

Unbiased opinion

Even when talking to your friends, coworkers, and family isn’t a problem, it can be hard to get a true opinion from people close to you. Of course, they want the best for you, but they also don’t want to hurt your feelings and damage your relationship. Sometimes, the only way to get an unbiased viewpoint is to talk to a third party. A therapist is the perfect third party, because they want to help you, and their job is to be honest with you.

Big decisions

Whether you’re an indecisive person, or just can’t seem to get good advice from anyone in your life, therapy is the place to bring your questions and confusions. A therapist is like that ideal friend who’s a perfect advice giver, and knows just the questions to ask. The added benefit is that they’re a professional, and have experience dealing with practically every single problem you can imagine.

Just to Talk

Sometimes, things in life can get crazy. It’s been months since you saw your parents, or your best friend has been swamped with work, and there just doesn’t seem to be anyone to talk to. Whether your problems are big or small, everyone has them. It may seem odd to pay someone to talk to you, but therapists are trained to help you better your life and give advice. It’s like hiring a personal trainer for your mind, instead of your body. Do any of these reasons apply to you? Remember, even if you’re not sure you need to
talk to a therapist, you might still want to talk to a professional or just get a bit of advice on the things you’re dealing with. Contact us with any questions.

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