Mental Health and Stigma

Some people who are in need of psychological treatment do not seek it, because of the negative connotation sometimes associated with mental health. A self-stigma is the label an individual puts on himself or herself if they were to seek treatment. Social stigma is the perception of others regarding psychological treatment.
mental health and stigma

1. Awareness

Individuals must recognize that a stigma exists in this field. After acknowledging that it exists, you can then work towards changing it.

2. Caring

This stigma can be detrimental to those suffering with a mental illness. A high level of caring is a source of impetus to change these uninformed opinions.

3. Understanding

Become informed on topics of mental health. Before being able to explain truths to others, you must first understand them yourself.

4. Informing

Spread news about psychology and mental health to others, in a way that makes it easy to understand. A main reason this stigma exists is because many people do not have a true understanding of the mental health world.

5. Respecting

A respect for others is a great way to get rid of this stigma. Everyone deserves the right to full health: physical and mental! Those who seek mental health treatment deserve just as much respect as those who are not exposed!

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