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7 Signs You May be Struggling with Binge-Eating Disorder

7 Signs of Binge-Eating Disorder Binge-Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder but often goes undiagnosed. People who binge-eat come in all shapes and sizes and typically have long histories of repeated dieting to lose weight. Nearly half of those struggling with...

How to Eat for a Good Mood

How to Eat for a Good Mood Nutrition plays a significant role in our mood. How we eat affects our brain function and blood sugar. Your mood will be more positive if you eat in a way that keeps your blood sugar steady and normal all day long. If your blood sugar is going up and...

Who should see a dietitian?

Who should see a dietitian? What we eat and how often plays a significant role in how well our bodies are fueled. You may benefit from seeing a dietitian if you have any specific nutrition goals that you are trying to attain. If you do not have goals that you are working towards,...