3 Teachable Techniques for Stress Management

In a world where fast is the norm, and taking care of yourself is always second, it’s understandable how we begin slowly losing sight of what makes us feel balanced. Women, as well as men, have certain expectations in our society to be able to “do it all.” We are supposed to juggle a job, family, social life, partner, and all while remaining somewhat sane. There comes a certain point where we all might say “something’s got to give.”
Three Teachable Techniques for Stress Management

This is where talk of stress management comes in; there are activities we can do in our day to create an environment, physically and mentally, for us to thrive.

  1. Self-care: This is a term in counseling that is laced with a significant amount of importance. Self-care is a blanket expression for understanding our limits and broadening our approach to helping ourselves adjust in times of fragility and frustration. Self-care may be at the forefront to stress management in that it means to take action in order to take care of ourselves. This might interpret to simply going for a walk, or to having weekly meetings with a counselor. However you may choose, in the name of self-care, remember, it’s okay to take a break for yourself.
  2. Mindfulness: Discovering our inner voice is important for creating mindfulness. This practice is to understand what we are thinking and feeling in the present moment. Yogis are professionals at this—which might sound intimidating. The way that it is possible for each of us to gain and experience mindfulness is to be still. Take some deep breaths and focus only on what you need or want in the moment. Acknowledge and comfort this inner voice, knowing that we cannot always satisfy this urge, but we can be understanding. Take action to manage, such as deep breathing exercises, taking time for creativity, talk with a friend, or grab a cup of tea.
  3. Gratitude: As a SMART Recovery facilitator in a substance abuse support meeting, we talk a lot about how to manage stress. One of my most favorite techniques that I find incredibly powerful is to go through your day in your mind and pick out what you are grateful for, and maybe, say it out loud to yourself or someone else. This can do wonders to elicit peace, as well as increase positivity toward ourselves and others around us.

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