Yoga on your Workday!

NEED TO REGROUP DURING THE WORKDAY? Try this sequence and find your focus.
Yoga on your Workday!

Hero Pose

  • Knees together; hands on knees
  • Hips to heels (you can put a cushion, towel, or blanket between your hips and feet if that is more comfortable)
  • Shoulders over hips; head over shoulders
  • Roll shoulders back
  • Slightly lift your chest
  • Take 3 deep breaths, filling up the belly and chest completely and then letting it all go on the exhale



Child’s Posegrace counseling therapeutic yoga

  • Slide your hands forward
  • Allow your belly to rest on the knees
  • Forehead reaches towards the mat
  • Press palms into the mat
  • Push hips back towards the heels
  • Take 5 long deeps breaths
  • Try to lengthen your spine on the inhales, by pushing back through the heels and slightly lengthening the neck
  • On the exhales, let your body melt down


Staff PoseTherapeutic Yoga Seq Kelbi

  • Sit up tall with your shoulders stacked over your hips and your head over your shoulders
  • Stretch your legs out straight or with a slight bend in the knee
  • Flex your feet, pushing your heels towards the front of the mat
  • Place your hands by yours hips
  • Roll your shoulders back and down
  • Slightly lift the chest
  • Breathe 3 long deep breaths here




Forward Foldyoga with www.grace-counseling.com

  • From staff pose, draw your knees to a slight bend – enough so you can grab your feet or shins
  • First, roll the shoulders back, look up – lengthening the spine
  • Then, allow your belly to come to the thighs
  • Your forehead may come to the knees or shins
  • Use your breath to help your body relax into this position
  • Stay here – 5 breaths

Seated Spine Twist – right side

Seated Spine Twist, Yoga Pose

  • Draw your right knee into the chest
  • Cross your right foot over your left leg
  • Ground both sit bones into the mat
  • Sit up tall; lengthening up through the spine
  • Reach the arms up; rotate the chest to the right
  • Bring your left arm around the right knee
  • OR hook the left elbow on the outside of the right knee
  • Your right hand will be planted firmly into the mat
  • Don’t crank into the pose
  • Use your inhales to lengthen and exhales to get your deeper into the posture
  • Breath here – 3 breaths

Seated Spine Twist – left sidegrace counseling therapeutic yoga

  • Repeat above steps on the left side
  • Each side might be different!
  • 3 breaths

Easy Pose

Easy pose, Yoga

  • Cross leg seated position
  • One foot can be in front of the other
  • Shoulder over hips
  • Head over shoulders
  • Roll shoulders back and down
  • Hands rest gently on the knees

Cat PoseTherapeutic Yoga Seq Kelbi

  • In easy pose…
  • On an inhale, begin to draw the chest through the arms
  • Rolling the shoulders down and back
  • Slightly lifting the gaze upwards
  • On your exhale… Cow pose




Cow Posetherapeutic yoga grace counseling

  • On the exhale…
  • Rounding the spine
  • Allowing the chin to drop to the chest
  • Shoulders to come forward
  • Pushing the upper back away
  • Continue alternating between Cat/Cow for 10 breaths






Come into Child’s Pose

grace counseling therapeutic yoga


Left side body Stretchtherapeutic yoga grace counseling

  • In child’s pose…
  • Begin to walk your fingers over to the right
  • Possible crossing your left hand over the right
  • Breath into the left side body for 5 breaths

  • In child’s pose…therapeutic yoga grace counseling
  • Begin to walk your fingers over to the Left
  • Possible crossing your right hand over the left
  • Breath into the right side body for 5 breaths

Easy Pose, Yoga Pose Instructional

For the rest of your break you can repeat the sequence, take meditation in easy pose, or simply lie down on your back for a short “yogi nap” in savasana.

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