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www.grace-counseling.comToday’s youth are exposed to peer pressure and dangerous temptations at a much younger age than ever before.

Substance abuse has become common among teens, leaving parents to feel frightened and helpless when trying to help their child make sensible decisions. It can seem impossible for adolescents to escape the environment of negative influences brought on by those who appear to be trustworthy friends.

Removing your teen from an environment which fosters this dangerous behavior is not only challenging but often times impossible, especially when in a school setting. Parents are often times at a loss when searching for solutions to this overwhelming problem.

At Grace Counseling Center, our Adolescent Substance Use Intensive Outpatient Program provides teens with an atmosphere conducive to recovery. Our Licensed Professional Counselors and Masters Level Clinicians support our adolescent patients in discovering strengths they already unknowingly possess, building up the self-esteem which has become lost through the development of an addiction.

With the evidence based Matrix Model as our guide, our counselors assist adolescent patients and their families in determining actions which can be taken in modifying current maladaptive thoughts and behaviors which have become the unhealthy habitual norm. By exploring the root causes and triggers of each individual’s unique addiction, we assist our patients in moving on from the painful past and focusing on a happier and healthier future, free from drugs and alcohol.

At Grace, we recognize that the struggle of your teen affects the entire family. In order to shape a successful road to recovery, it is imperative that family develop an understanding of the facts surrounding the disease of addiction, free from the commonly assumed stigma. Our professionally qualified and educated counselors work towards opening the minds of our youths’ families by providing truths and extinguishing misinformed opinions.

Consisting of group and individual/conjoint counseling sessions, our Intensive Outpatient Program strives to address every aspect of your teen’s substance use disorder. Meeting three nights per week for two hours as well as Saturdays for three hours, group sessions at Grace Counseling will introduce your teen to a supportive environment centered around trust and acceptance while encouraging compassionate feedback and insight from all program participants. While this group setting reveals the invaluable importance of peer support, additional individual/conjoint counseling sessions provide your adolescent with the personalized guidance of a carefully assigned individual counselor. Together, your teen and his or her counselor will create, modify and assess the progress of goals your adolescent aspires to achieve throughout the duration of the program. Our counselors will accompany your teen on this journey towards reaching these goals, whether it be through discovering hidden strengths in group sessions or re-examining self-reported weaknesses during individual sessions.

In seeking help, you have already taken the first incredible step towards your adolescent’s recovery. Call today to schedule a free screening at Grace Counseling Center and let us guide you through the rest of this journey.

“Programa para Pacientes Intensivos de Abuso de Sustancias Adolescentes”


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