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Where do you hide when crippled by Anxiety?

Who do you call when smothered by Depression?

How do you cope with the unpredictable swings of Bipolar Disorder?

Anyone suffering from a mood disorder has experienced the seemingly endless struggle to find relief from the misery. Many have found themselves thinking:

“Nobody understands….”

“Nobody can help me…”

“I will never get better…”

These types of thoughts make the symptoms of your mood disorder even more unbearable. You may turn to friends and family for support when faced with social anxiety or seek freedom from suicidal thoughts by occasionally visiting a mental health professional. Others may have found relief at a residential treatment facility, but struggle when returning to a life which lacks a constant and steadfast support system. Before long, the symptoms you spent months learning to silence slowly creep into your life once again.

If you feel like you need more help… you’re probably right.

Attempting to determine the underlying causes of your mental health problems can be overwhelming when going at it alone. At Grace Counseling Center, we can help you navigate this painful path of uncertainty. If you struggle to cope with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, or another mood disorder, our Intensive Outpatient Program can support you in your search for emotional and psychological relief.

Our mission at Grace is to provide patients with the tools needed to live a life where debilitating symptoms become both understood and manageable.  By utilizing evidence based therapeutic approaches, our Licensed Professional Counselors and Masters Level Clinicians will provide you with healthy, adaptive coping mechanisms as you work together to target the core stressors which trigger your symptoms. Throughout your time in the Intensive Outpatient Program, you will learn to utilize these valuable tools outside of the protective counseling walls, enabling you to create peace and stability in your daily life.

Consisting of group and individual/conjoint counseling sessions, our Intensive Outpatient Program strives to address every aspect of your mood disorder. In an attempt to accommodate your own scheduling needs, we offer both morning and evening group sessions. These groups will introduce you to a supportive environment centered around trust and acceptance while encouraging compassionate feedback and insight from all program participants. While this group setting demonstrates the invaluable importance of peer support, additional individual/conjoint counseling sessions provide you with the confidential guidance of your carefully assigned individual counselor. Together, you and your counselor will create, modify and assess the progress of goals which you aspire to achieve throughout the duration of the program. Our counselors will accompany you on your journey in reaching these goals whether it be through discovering your hidden strengths in group sessions or re-examining your self-reported weaknesses during your individual sessions.

In seeking help, you have already taken the first incredible step towards taking control of your mood disorder. Call today to schedule your free screening at Grace Counseling Center and let us guide you through the rest of your journey.