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substance abuse intensive outpatient programGrace Counseling Center Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program

Do you feel powerless over your addiction?

Do you drink alcohol or use drugs to avoid uncomfortable thoughts and feelings?

Do you hide your opioid use from your loved ones?

Do you spend your day thinking about the next time you can smoke marijuana?

The cycle of addiction

The seemingly endless cycle of addiction can cause feelings of guilt, shame, and other discouraging emotions which intensify your cravings and trigger your compulsive behavior, shoving you deeper into the black hole of dependency and self-loathing. As your loss of self-control sets in, you begin to wonder how you will ever be strong enough to conquer the demon of addiction.

If you’re ready to take control of the substance use governing your life but feel that you simply can’t do it alone, you’ve already taken the first challenging step in your recovery. Reclaiming your life can be accomplished by getting the help you need and deserve. The Grace Counseling Center Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient program is here to guide you through this unfamiliar yet inspiring journey.

The root causes and triggers

At Grace, our Licensed Professional Counselors and Masters Level Clinicians support patients in discovering strengths they already unknowingly possess. With the evidence based Matrix Model as our guide, our counselors assist patients and their families in determining actions which can be taken in modifying current maladaptive thoughts and behaviors which have become the unhealthy habitual norm. By exploring the root causes and triggers of each individual’s unique addiction, we assist our patients in moving on from the painful past and focusing on a happier and healthier future, free from drugs and alcohol.

At Grace, we recognize that your struggle not only affects you but also distresses your entire family. Whether your family is supportive or critical through your persistent battle, it is imperative that they develop an understanding of the truth surrounding your illness, free from the commonly assumed stigma. Our professionally trained and educated counselors work towards opening the minds of our patients’ families by providing facts and extinguishing misinformed opinions.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Consisting of group and individual/conjoint counseling sessions, our Intensive Outpatient Program strives to address every aspect of your addiction. We at Grace recognize the impact this commitment to sobriety will have on your life and offer both morning and evening programs, in an attempt to meet your own scheduling needs. Group sessions at Grace Counseling will introduce you to a supportive environment centered around trust and acceptance while encouraging compassionate feedback and insight from all program participants. While this group setting reveals the invaluable importance of peer support, additional individual/conjoint counseling sessions provide you with the confidential guidance of your carefully assigned individual counselor. Together, you and your counselor will create, modify and assess the progress of goals which you aspire to achieve throughout the duration of the program. Our counselors will accompany you on your journey in reaching these goals whether it be through discovering your hidden strengths in group sessions or re-examining your self-reported weaknesses during your individual sessions.

In seeking help, you have already taken the first incredible step towards recovery. Call 800 972 0643 today to schedule your free screening at Grace Counseling Center and let us guide you through the rest of your journey.