Do you feel misunderstood, minimized, guarded, lonely, scared? " />
Fort Worth and Lewisville Grace Counseling Center

“Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high…” – William Goldman

Are you a woman who has experienced trauma, abuse, abandonment?

Do you feel misunderstood, minimized, guarded, lonely, scared?

There is hope for a better tomorrow, today. If you’re ready to take control of the issues governing your life but feel that you simply can’t do it alone, you’ve already taken the first challenging step in getting help. Reclaiming your life can be accomplished by getting the help you need and deserve.

The Women’s Issues Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Grace Counseling Center is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women who are experiencing any of the above issues which would be better addressed in a gender-specific setting.

Patients admitted to the Women’s Issues Intensive Outpatient Program at Grace Counseling Center will apply interventions stemming from the Women’s Integrated Treatment Program as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These therapeutic techniques inspire exploration of the characteristics of each group member’s unique struggles, as well as the mutual struggles the group experiences as a whole.

At Grace, our Licensed Professional Counselors and Masters Level Clinicians will support you in discovering the strengths you already unknowingly possess. Outside of the group setting, you and your carefully assigned individual counselor will work towards goals created in your personalized treatment plan. Group counseling sessions will then provide all participants with additional ideas for coping mechanisms as well as gain support from other female group members suffering from their own disorders.

As families are often times affected by the struggles of their loved ones, we invite them to attend a portion of one group session per week. These family sessions focus on educating loved ones on women’s issues and their countless characteristics. Our clinicians encourage family members to explore and understand behavior rather than attempt to change it, as we strive to advocate for each patient in our program.

Your past should not determine your future. Let Grace Counseling Center help you break through the barriers which are keeping you from discovering happiness and freedom from distress.

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