Women's Issues IOP

Our women’s issues intensive outpatient program (IOP) is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women who are experiencing trauma, abuse, or abandonment. If you feel misunderstood, minimized, guarded, lonely, or scared, you can find healing and freedom here. This IOP is designed for women and only includes female participants and leaders. Get the support and develop the skills necessary to find freedom and healing through this program based on the work of Stephanie Covington.

Created for women, by women.

We use a program called Beyond Trauma in addition to DBT skills training. Beyond was developed by Stephanie Covington, a leader in trauma therapy. During the program, you will learn about the neuroscience behind trauma and PTSD to help you learn about your own emotional triggers. With that, you can then begin to gain insight and develop coping skills in a safe space. This program, like all of our services are based on documented evidence of its success. While on this journey, you will also learn how to develop and manage healthy relationships with everyone around you.

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