We believe in treating the whole person, not just one aspect. While we are limited in the scope of our services, we have used a lot of time and resources developing our physical health services. At this moment, we offer therapeutic trauma-informed yoga and nutrition counseling. These can also dramatically influence our mental health. We have a registered dietitian on staff who will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle and work with you to create a program that will work for you. We also have two yoga instructors on staff who conduct trauma-informed and therapeutic yoga.

Therapeutic Yoga

Our individual or group yoga classes can be taken by themselves or in conjunction with any of our other services. Our instructors are registered yoga teachers (RYT) and follow trauma-informed techniques to ensure that you have a nurturing and safe experience. Find out how yoga can help your overall health.

Nutrition Counseling

After meeting with our registered dietitian, we will put together a personalized plan to help you achieve your nutrition goals. With misinformation from the internet, family members, and friends, we can help cut through the confusion to help you understand how nutrition affects your mental and physical health.

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Mental Health

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Substance Use

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