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We can help. Grace Counseling provides group and individual therapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and relationship issues.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is based on one-to-one interaction between client and therapist.  It is the most common and intimate type of therapy and may be used in combination with other approaches such as couples therapy or group therapy. Some prefer individual therapy because they feel they can delve deeper into their issues than with group therapy. They may also prefer a therapist’s undivided attention, or be uncomfortable talking about sensitive issues in a group. People seek out therapy for a wide variety of reasons including life changes, losses, psychological injury, or for a particular disorder such as anxiety or depression.  Some simply want the supportive environment of an unbiased third party, while others want help in finding direction in life.  Our therapists may use techniques from one or a variety of theoretical orientations depending on therapeutic need, and the age of the client.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is generally focused on partners in or out of marriage or relationships, but can also include business partners or co-workers.  It can help address problems that have created stress in the relationship and can help deepen mutual understanding.  Couples therapy may also be used as a “pre-marital” tool to help define the relationship, determine the level of commitment, and smooth out differences that may cause problems later in the marriage.  Couples may also seek out therapy to help decide whether they should stay together.  Couples therapy for separating parents can be particularly helpful in making the transition to co-parents more harmonious. Our therapists address expectations, relationship patterns, communication dynamics, and issues related to problem-solving.  Sometimes a therapist sees the partners individually, especially when it is important to address childhood issues that are impacting the relationship.

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves two or more members of a family participating in therapy sessions together.  It can be an effective tool in addressing problems or issues that affect family functioning when one or more family members are involved.  Our therapists may employ a variety of treatment approaches focusing on the entire family unit.  This approach to therapy focuses more on inter-relational issues than on an individual’s internal concerns and allows a family to learn skills enabling them to support each other more effectively.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be organized around specific problems such as anxiety, sexual abuse, eating disorders, drug abuse, or sexting.  It can also be organized by age, gender, or specific client needs.  Our group therapy sessions are lead by one or two trained therapists offering an environment where members can learn and safely practice new ways of thinking, feeling and relating to others.  Group therapy explores difficulties in interpersonal situations helping clients focus on significant relationships and receive feedback from other group members.  Meeting other people with similar problems can give a wider perspective.  Groups can also help lessen members’ sense of isolation, provide support around a particular issue, and enhance relationships.  Group therapy can be effective as a primary therapy or in combination with other types of therapy.  It can also be a more economical mode of therapy than individual therapy.

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