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We have all experienced times in life of simply going through the motions, finding minimal pleasure in a world where our schedule is maximized with responsibilities. Through the chaos of the daily grind, we fail to stop and ask… What about the responsibility to ourselves? In today’s society, people of all different backgrounds, statuses, and life phases are searching for ways to get and stay connected while simultaneously feeling needed and appreciated. But, in what ways are we sacrificing our ability to connect, meet our needs, as well as find appreciation and even gratitude for our whole self – mind, body, and spirit?

Charity Hannah @

Charity Hannah @

“What about the responsibility to ourselves?”

Turning our attention inward may sound impossible, even selfish. On the other hand, is trying to give away a self that we don’t take time to care for fully serving anyone else? “Self-care” a term used widely by helping professionals, may sound like clichéd lingo used to generate interest, but the concept of taking time to care for the self dates back centuries. Meditation, yoga, and quiet reflection (or similar practices) show up in all major world philosophies, religions, and spiritualities. Even scientists have discovered usefulness and justification of these behaviors by experimenting with brain maps, stress levels, and nervous system response measurements.

The irony lies in the facts. Being quiet and staying still actually maximizes productivity and creativity! Practicing mindfulness daily builds stress tolerance, decreases feelings of sadness and anxiety, and increases the experience of tranquility and contentment.

Finding a method of practice is not as simple as advertisements might suggest, but with a small commitment to turning inward, the needs of the body and the mind will become unquestionably clear.

Grace Counseling Center is currently offering a yoga workshop for those in need of self-care, relaxation, and a lesson in mindfulness. Our RYT certified instructors can accommodate all skill levels from beginner to expert. Contact us today and take the first step in being responsible to the most important person in your life… you.

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