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Roughly one in every ten Americans over the age of 12 is currently battling some form of substance abuse disorder. This is the highest rate of substance abuse and addiction that has ever been seen in United States history. For this reason, the disease of addiction is often referred to as an “epidemic,” especially regarding heroin and other opioids.

Fortunately, addiction recovery is both possible and achievable.  Jonanie P. @

Grace Counseling is a premier substance abuse treatment facility in Lewisville, Texas. By utilizing a rounded, multidisciplinary approach and therapeutic techniques rooted in the latest scientific research, our intensive outpatient programs and rehabilitative curricula have helped countless individuals achieve stable, lasting recovery.

Of course, any high-quality program is only as effective as the diverse treatments and therapies utilized in that program, which is why Grace Counseling offers a diverse array of recovery options. While some of these therapeutic offerings are based on psychotherapy, others are more complementary and even holistic, including our Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery.

Whether you’re looking into treatment options for a loved one or for yourself, Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery at Grace Counseling is an excellent addition for your personalized, comprehensive recovery program.

What Exactly Is Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery

The vast majority of individuals have at least heard of yoga if they’ve not actually tried yoga themselves at one point in time. However, while everyone feels they have an understanding or grasp of this ancient art form, there are numerous misconceptions and misunderstandings about what yoga is, how it’s used, and why it’s so beneficial, including as a treatment for substance abuse disorder.

Today, yoga is most commonly known as a high-impact, a low-intensity form of exercise wherein participants strike various poses and utilize fluid movements in an effort to build muscle and improve flexibility. In fact, yoga can actually be traced to India where the art form originated roughly 26,000 years ago. The actual word yoga is based on a Sanskrit word that means “to control,” “to yoke,” or “to unite.” In modern times, the word has been translated to mean “joining,” “uniting,” or “union,” reflecting the idea that yoga represents a union of both and spirit.

In Eastern parts of the world, yoga has strong connections with the practice of the Hindu religion wherein it’s used as a means of achieving an elevated state of consciousness or even a form of enlightenment. In the world of Hinduism in particular, yoga belongs to one of the six schools of Hindu and is often used in combination with or in lieu of meditation.

Over the centuries — and especially in recent decades — yoga has become incredibly popular as a form of exercise and as a tool for mental wellness. In fact, many gyms and workout centers offer yoga classes, showing just how popular yoga has become in the mainstream.

Benefits Our Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery

While most forms of exercises are beneficial for multiple reasons, yoga is arguably one of the most beneficial of all due to offering a wide variety of health benefits.

In terms of the physical benefits of our Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery, one of the first that’s often cited is the improvements in flexibility. This is due to the art form largely consisting of slow, sustained poses and fluid movements. Although some of the poses and movements are quite advanced, even being difficult for seasoned yogis, the continued practice of yoga over time allows the body to adapt, showing noticeable improvements in flexibility as the poses and movements get easier and easier.

Meanwhile, the practice of yoga also improves strength despite being a very low-intensity form of exercise. Whereas other forms of exercise put strain and tension throughout the body while elevating one’s heart rate, yoga is slow, calm, and fluid. So while a yoga session might not feel beneficial when you’re actually practicing, many individuals find themselves feeling stiff and sore the next day, which shows just how high-impact a yoga session can be. In particular, the impact of yoga is high because the poses and movements activate muscle systems that aren’t often used and requires practitioners to use these muscle systems for sustained periods of time.

But the benefits of yoga aren’t solely physical. As mentioned above, yoga is closely associated with Hinduism and meditation. Since yoga is a low-intensity activity, the movements and poses require very little thought, allowing individuals to clear their minds or direct their thoughts in very purposeful ways. For this reason, yoga is often practiced in tandem with mindfulness training, which is a technique that helps people gain more mental control and acuity.

Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery

Understandably, yoga is immensely beneficial for one’s general mental, emotional, and physical wellness; however, it’s also commonly used as part of recovery programming, especially when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatment.

There are several reasons why yoga has been increasingly used as a form of treatment for addiction and substance abuse. First, the practice of yoga and mindfulness training helps individuals in recovery to gain more awareness over their bodies and cognitive processes. This increased awareness results in improved mental and physical control, which is immensely valuable when it comes to achieving sobriety and mitigating cravings after treatment.

Another reason why Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery has become so popular as a treatment option for substance abuse and addiction is that it helps patients become more in-tune with their bodily and emotional needs. Similarly, the practice of Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery helps individuals to overcome feelings of anxiety, stress, and other discomforting emotions that could trigger a substance abuse episode and, by extension, a relapse.

Grace Counseling can help you achieve lasting wellness

As you can see, Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery can be an incredibly beneficial addition to any individual’s substance abuse treatment and recovery program. If you’d like to learn more about our Therapeutic Yoga In Lewisville Texas For Substance Abuse Recovery, intensive outpatient treatment, or one of our other programs or offerings, call Grace Counseling at 800-972-0643 or send us a message today. Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one, there’s no time like the present to begin the journey of lasting health and sobriety.