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Play Therapy at Grace Counseling Center

Play Therapy at Grace Counseling

Does your child struggle with expressing his emotions in a healthy way?


Have you found it nearly impossible to set boundaries with your son or daughter?


Is your child having difficulty healing from past traumatic or stressful events?


Understanding what goes on in the mind of a child can be challenging for anyone attempting to do so. A parent or caregiver attempting to communicate with a child about his or her emotions can result in confusion and frustration for everyone involved.  

Play therapy is a technique which combines both creative arts and play techniques to enable children ages 3 to 12 years in communicating more openly and effectively. At Grace Counseling Center, our professionally trained clinicians guide these children in a safe and structured “playroom” filled with carefully chosen toys and activities which aid in forming healthy boundaries and encouraging creative expression.

Often times, parents tend to doubt their abilities as caregivers when there is a breakdown in parent-child communication. We at Grace believe that giving children an opportunity to express themselves in a way they are most comfortable and capable helps parents just as much as it helps their children. Contact us today to find the Play Therapist who is best fit to guide your child down the road towards effective, meaningful communication.

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