Adolescent Substance Use IOP

Our adolescent substance use IOP is very similar to the adult variant, but it has some key differences. For one, only adolescents can be participants in the program and the only adults involved are trained counselors. The Matrix Model for Teens is utilized and addresses current issues such as Vaping and synthetic drugs that are prevalent among today’s teens.   Learning to identify situations and triggers and teaching them coping skills to learn how to stay sober even when it’s difficult. Help your teen to get help by giving them the tools to find freedom from addiction.

The most effective program.

For our substance use IOPs, we only use the evidence-based Matrix Model. This model has been proven over and over to be the most effective at helping people (adults and teens) to find freedom from their addiction. It helps them to modify maladaptive thoughts and behaviors which have become the unhealthy habitual norm. By exploring the root causes and triggers of each individual’s unique addiction, we assist our patients in moving on from the painful past and focusing on a happier and healthier future, free from drugs and alcohol.

Building up their support system, you.

One of the biggest portions of the Matrix Model is to focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships with family members. That is because it is crucial to recovery success to have a reliable support system in place. Family are heavily encouraged to be deeply involved in their journey towards sobriety. Part of the model we use will actually bring family members in to help teach you about how addiction works, it’s effects and how it affects the family.

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