Family Recovery Program

The Family Recovery Program was designed to encourage families in the recovery process.  Studies show that family involvement in treatment and recovery is critical for long-term, positive outcomes of individuals recovering from addiction. This program assists families in understanding and healing from the disease of addiction and to understand the recovery process for the family. Addiction is a family disease and the solution requires a parallel process of recovery.

Topics included in Family Recovery:

  • Understanding addiction as a chronic brain disease
  • Control vs. Influence
  • Understanding and Coping with Relapse
  • Boundaries and Co-Dependence
  • Living a balanced life

Who is the Family Recovery Program For?

This Program is perfect for families who have loved ones in Grace Counseling’s IOP or any other IOP.  It is also appropriate for families who have loved ones away in Residential Treatment. Both of these scenarios offer a parallel process of recovery that has been found to improve outcomes in substance use treatment.  This Program would also be beneficial to families who are dealing with loved ones who are active in their addiction and are refusing treatment.   Helping the family heal can be the first step towards getting the addict to engage in treatment. This Program is free to families who have loved ones enrolled in Grace Counseling’s IOP.  

Ask us about Family Recovery

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