Substance Use IOP

When you’re stuck in the same cycle of substance use and addiction, you might need to change your approach. By disrupting the cycle, you can finally start addressing the problems that keep you there. This is where an intensive outpatient program (IOP) comes in. This structured program is meant to accommodate your daily routine while you are pursuing recovery. So you can still keep your job and maintain your familial relationships on a regular basis while in an IOP.  In addition, IOP can provide much needed support when one returns from the safety of residential treatment back to the environment they were in during their active addiction.

Evidence-based model.

Here at Grace, we use the Matrix Model because it has been identified by SAMHSA as an evidence-based model and was recognized by the surgeon general in his 2017 report on the opioid crisis called Facing Addiction. . This program is unique because it incorporates aspects of other treatment styles to equip you with the practical tools you need to get and stay sober. During the course of this individualized program, you will be given the skills to help you find freedom from your addiction. You will learn how to identify triggers, develop coping skills, and ultimately how to disrupt your routine to implement healthier habits and thought patterns.

Have a well rounded recovery.

Because we love providing comprehensive treatment for our patients, we go above and beyond in our IOPs. During our substance use IOP, you will get bonus lessons where we bring in one of our yoga instructors and our dietitian. By providing basics on improving your physical health while you are in recovery, you boost the likelihood of your continued success. You won’t find that anywhere else.

Stay flexible.

With 2 locations in the DFW area, you have a location within a reasonable distance to you. Having a location in Lewisville and Fort Worth gives you the ability to find one that’s closer to you. The timing of each sessions is flexible as well. We provide sessions every day, twice a day. By providing a session in the morning and in the evening, it gives you the flexibility to pick and choose which ones you attend as your life/work fluctuate. With the structure of the Matrix Model, you also can start any time. There’s no definitive start/end date for your program.

Freedom and support.

When you’ve completed the program, you are more likely to stay sober for a longer period of time because we only use methods that are proven to work. The IOP isn’t a silver bullet, however. While it will take work during and after the program, the results speak for themselves. To help you stay sober after, we developed an Alumni Program for anyone who has ever participated in our substance use IOP. That support, encouragement, and accountability will only strengthen your ability to stay sober.

Start your journey towards sobriety.

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