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Grace Counseling | Transforming Minds, Healing Hearts | Lewisville, TXGrace Counseling | Transforming Minds, Healing Hearts | Lewisville, TXGrace Counseling | Transforming Minds, Healing Hearts | Lewisville, TXHearing Voices | Transforming Minds, Healing Hearts | Lewisville, TX

We can all use some help navigating the rough patches.

Grace Counseling Center provides group and individual therapy with a client-centered focus.

You may be surprised to find the joyous spirit inside you.

Grace Counseling Center therapists use a variety of therapeutic approaches to meet your specific needs.

Depression does not have to define who you are.

Grace Counseling Center serves children, adolescents, and adults of all ages.

Is your relationship worth fighting for?

Grace Counseling Center helps couples define, and build their relationships with each other.

We understand the pressures of being a teenager.

Grace Counseling Center offers groups for adolescents who have issues with social media and sexting.

Continuing Education

We provide continuing education for Licensed Marriage Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW); and Supervision for LPC-Interns.
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Individual Therapy

We offer one-to-one interaction between client and therapist. Some prefer individual therapy because they feel they can delve deeper into their issues than with group therapy.
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Family Therapy

Our family therapy sessions can be an effective tool in addressing issues that affect family functioning. Our therapists may employ a variety of treatment approaches focusing on the entire family unit.
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Group Therapy

Our group therapy sessions are lead by one or two trained therapists offering an environment where members can learn and safely practice new ways of thinking, feeling and relating to others.
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Our Counselors

Cheryl Rayl, M.S.
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Cheryl Rayl | Grace Counseling

Cheryl Rayl MS, LPC-S has been in the behavioral health field for over 25 years. She has worked with clients suffering with everything from addictions to anxiety disorders to Serious Mental Illness, with victims and perpetrators, with adolescents through the elderly and individuals, couples, families and groups. Cheryl has a passion for helping others that carries over into her role as Counselor Supervisor. She is dedicated to helping young counselors find their niche and develop the skills to help transform minds and heal hearts.

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David Simeone, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern
David Simeone | Grace Counseling

David earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from North Texas State University. With more than 15 years of experience, David has worked in an assortment of roles in a variety of mental health settings and employs a client-centered approach to Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy, incorporating Psychodynamic, Gestalt and Existential elements.

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Amy Smith-Kones, MA
Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern
Amy Smith-Kones | Grace Counseling

Amy’s passion is working with clients as they travel on their journey to self-discovery. With a clinical approach based in person centered therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as solution-focused therapy, interactions with her clients are genuine, direct and engaging. She partners with her clients to increase self-awareness, foster empowerment, and identify restrictive behavioral patterns that may hinder personal growth.

Much of Amy’s practice has been focused on individuals, couples, families and groups. She specializes in areas of parent-child issues, anxiety and depression, sexual abuse and trauma, life transitions, career counseling, anger management, and adolescence issues including truancy concerns. Her experience also includes working with diverse cultures and populations in a wide variety of life situations.

People are capable of great success in meeting their goals. It is Amy’s commitment to her clients is to be the catalyst of support as they take their journey of self-discovery.

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John R. Baker M Ed
Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

John R. Baker, M.ed. LPC-S, is a psychotherapist and addiction counselor. He earned his graduate degree from The University of North Texas. John has many years of experience helping individuals, couples, families, and groups with issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, and anger.

John believes that every person has an inherent desire for inner peace and acceptance.  By creating a therapeutic environment where a person feels safe, understood, and genuinely cared about, John creates a foundation where self-exploration, and implementation of lasting positive change can occur.


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Lauren Rigsby, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern

Lauren has a passion for helping both adolescents and adults of all ages who are struggling with issues including life transitions, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, and sexual abuse.

She strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment in order to build a sense of mutual trust.  She enjoys a collaborative client-counselor approach to therapy and works with clients as they form and work toward their unique goals
Using primarily a strengths based, cognitive behavioral approach, she’ll work with you to overcome obstacles, pursue individual growth, and live a more fulfilling life.
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Shannon Nameth, M.S
Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern

Shannon L. Nameth graduated with international honors while earning a master’s degree in community counseling. Shannon has experience with a diverse population including previous work with the families and victims of sexual abuse and other violent crimes. Shannon brings a genuine and unique blend of compassion, knowledge, and understanding to bear on issues ranging from trauma and anxiety, to depression and substance abuse. Having worked with children, adolescents, and adults, Shannon uses a cognitive behavioral approach to aid clients in their attempts to increase self-awareness, strengthen and deepen interpersonal relationships, set and acheive short and long-term goals, and reach their maximum potential.

Shannon’s philosophy of counseling includes the belief that human beings are limited only by their own faulty thinking, distorted beliefs, and habitual patterns of behavior. It is her most sincere intent to guide and empower clients as they navigate the paths of self-discovery and acceptance; embracing the idea that all individuals have the necessary strength and ability to overcome obstacles in their search for a greater sense of peace, more positive mental health, and personal success.


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Courtney Reinhardt, M.A
Licensed Professional Counselor

I think the best part of counseling is watching people see that change is possible. I have worked with people of all ages, from very young children to older adults. My goal is to always meet the client at the level they are at, adjusting my counseling style based on their needs. I have had a wide variety of experiences including, but are not limited to, working with children who have been abused, women receiving crisis residential services, and adults struggling with both mental health concerns and substance abuse. I earned my Master of Arts in Professional Counseling in 2007, and my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2004. I look forward to taking the first step with those seeking change in their lives!

Amanda Zimmerman, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern

There is one thing in life that we can all be sure of knowing: that it is unpredictable. For many, this unpredictability of life creates stress that will continue for a while until something is done about it. Counseling is a great way to help process and explore problems and stressors that are present, though they may have been a result from the past. As a therapist, I tend to work in the here and now, focusing on how you may be feeling and what might be coming to mind in the present. This is not to say that the past will not be discussed, but rather, how life is happening for you in the moment, and how you can be empowered to handle your stress and trauma.
We all have a drive within ourselves to want to be healthier or better, and counseling is a great way to help with this urge. Feeling empowered is one of the most important factors of counseling. I try to create an environment in which you will feel safe enough to share about your personal struggles. I have experience working with public mental health agencies and adolescents struggling with many facets of life, including mental health, social and school problems, substance abuse, and family issues. I have mostly worked with adolescents experiencing addiction, depression, and trauma, but my passion in counseling extends to helping adults as well. I continue to educate myself in the counseling field, finding new techniques to help incorporate into my practice.

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